Binah Bible College

Although we acknowledge the fact that the Church should put out as many men and women in the harvest field as workers because of the times, it is quite shocking to find how many Bible Schools are sending people out as “Pastors”,  while they are still ill-equipped with Biblical knowledge and understanding and some not even called for this level of ministry (5-fold ministry).

With this in mind and from personal experience in the field, the vision of Binah Advanced Bible College is to:

  • Produce relevant up to date training material and practices of exceptional high standards;
  • Teach with insight and understanding and to instill a spirit of learning and yearning after the truth of God’s Word;
  • Equip and empower the potential leaders with knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Teach and lead them into a personal relationship of faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Create /establish a platform for radical discipleship and ministry in the field;
  • Ensure that each student understands the value and importance of the ministry and to live a life of integrity according to a Code of Ethics in the ministry.

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